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We do recommend that travelers obtain travel insurance.  You need to understand what you are buying.

It is like auto or homeowner's insurance - you have it in case you need it!

Here is how it works:

Add up the costs you want to insure - tours, flights, extras.

Review different policies to see what they cover and what the limits are.  Look at exclusions, pre-trip cancellation provisions and how far before the trip those start, medical coverage, transportation home if you need it, lost luggage payouts, etc. 

Know how the policies work.  Most policies require you to pay up front then reimburse you for covered expenses.

If you travel often, consider an annual policy that would cover this trip and all others, even near home or in US, and cost about $500.

Choose the coverage type and limits that you want - just like you would with auto or home.

AIT (our tour company) offers a policy through Travelex (details below).  If you choose this policy, you will pay for it with your final tour payment,  It will not be effective until AIT provides your policy # (usually about a month before the tour) so you will not have pre-tour cancellation benefits.  If you want this policy and want to pay in advance, contact us.

You can buy a policy from any company you want to (or not at all).  You will handle claims if necessary.

Here is an article that might help you decide what to do about insurance.

This ministry does not profit from any policy you purchase - we just want you to have coverage in case you need it. 

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