Commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plans.  Proverbs 16:3


Airlines do not issue flight schedules or pricing until 330 days before the date of travel so we will not be able to even look at flight options until July 2023 (for the June 2024 trip) or December 2024 (for the October 2024 trip).

When available, we will suggest flights for each set of travelers based on where you are departing from, going to, and returning from. For June, we will have many different groupings of travelers. For October, most will only be going to & from Tel Aviv, Israel. It will be important that travelers arrive around the same time and depart around the same timeif they want to use the single group transfer from the airport to the hotel (or hotel to airport). Other arrangements can be made at additional cost.

When we have 20+ people going to the same airport and returning from the same airport (for example, going from FAT to TLV then returning from ATH to FAT), we will get quotes on GROUP flights from several airlines to try to get discounted rates. The group flights are very restricted though - no upgraded seats, no advance seat selection, etc. You often get a lower rate for less customization.

It will be your choice how to book your flight - through the airline, through an agent, through a group flight we offer, etc.  We will help you through this but the flights and how we do it will depend on the available options.

More info later....