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COVID-19 and our trip

Honestly, we can't post anything definitive here because the rules in the countries we visit (and in the U.S.) change daily.  I can tell you what we did for 2021 travel but we fully expect it to look much different (and be easier!) in 2022.  Countries want tourism to fully resume but safely and we want that too.

Link to United airlines travel advisories

To see what is required in each country (the site updates multiple times daily), click here:


Californians can get their digital vaccine record at this link.  Save a copy of the image to your phone, print it to put with your passport, and email a copy to Debbie.

Digital vaccine record

(CA only)

Countries will have updated rules by the time we travel so do not worry about them now.  Below is a summary by country as of 11/1/21.  The U.S. also requires a test before entering U.S. 

- The airline mask mandate is due to end January 18, 2022 but it could be extended.





Full vaccination not.required but recommended.

No PCR test required before entry if vaccinated.  PCR required before entry if unvaccinated.

Full vaccination required.

If fully vaccinated prior to 2/1/22, traveler must have booster vaccine.

If 2nd vaccine is after 2/1/22, traveler just needs 2nd vaccine (no booster). 

PCR test before entering Israel and upon arrival.

Entry document required to be filled out online.

Full vaccination not.required but recommended.

PCR test before entering Jordan.

Land entry requirements vary depending on which crossing is used.  TBD.

Entry document required to be filled out online.

Full vaccination required for cruise portion of tour. Recommended for land portion.

PCR test before entering Greece and before boarding cruise..

Entry document required to be filled out online.

In 2021, we provided a full Travel Checklist to ensure that every knew what had to be done before we traveled.  Here is the checklist for 2021  (to show you a sample) but we do expect it to be simpler in 2022.

2021 Travel Checklist