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COVID-19 and our trip

Honestly, we can't post anything definitive here because the rules in the countries we visit (and in the U.S.) change daily.  I can tell you what we did for 2021 travel but we fully expect it to look much different (and be easier!) in 2022.  Countries want tourism to fully resume but safely and we want that too.

Link to United travel advisories

AIRLINE APP - We primarily flew on United (except between Athens and Amman) and their app was very sophisticated in keeping us updated with what was required for each country.  It should be as easy to follow in 2022 if required; costs may change.

TESTING (2021) - cost depend on country test is taken in:

Greece - No entry test required; PCR test required before cruise ($50) and rapid test (fee) when boarding cruise.  Vaccine not required.

Jordan - PCR test required 72 hours before entry ($50-60). Vaccine not required.

Israel - Group didn't go (Israel closed its borders).  Current requirements are for PCR test before boarding plane or entering, serological (blood) test upon entry.  Vaccine required but Israel is looking for antibodies and it is likely that their rules will include allowance for those who have had COVID (and thus have antibodies) and/or medical exemptions for those who cannot be vaccinated.

Egypt - Group didn't go in 2021 (not on itinerary).  Current requirements are for PCR test before boarding plane or entering country.

United States - antigen (approved only) or PCR test before returning to US.  Vaccine not required.

ENTRY FORMS - Greece & Jordan had online forms we had to fill out before entering the country.  They were required with no exception but were easy and produced a QR code to show when boarding the flight to that country.

Countries will have updated rules by the time we travel so do not worry about them now.  We suggest that you get a lab order to have your antibody level tested.  Those unvaccinated may have had COVID without knowing it and thus have antibodies.  We don't know how quickly antibodies deplete so we will suggest you be tested again before going to Israel.  We also don't know about requirements for 3rd vaccine yet.

We provided a full Travel Checklist to ensure that every knew what had to be done before we traveled.  Here is the checklist for 2021 but we do expect it to be more simple in 2022.

2021 Travel Checklist