Commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plans.  Proverbs 16:3

Debbie Winsett - Caesarea Maritima, Israel 2019

About this Ministry

Traveler Journeys is part of a larger ministry called Discipleship in Unexpected Ways. a 501(c3) non-profit.  I feel that God has called me to reach unbelievers & Christians to grow disciples in non-traditional ways. This travel program is a wonderful start.    I have so many ideas and God whispers to fulfill! This is not a for-profit ministry and we do not take income from it.  We have a board and financial advisor who help guide our steps  We're in the beginning stages of learning how God will use this ministry but we're open to where He leads.

Tax deductible donations are welcome and will help us grow disciples!  - watch for upcoming DIUW programs in the future on the separate tab.

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I accepted Christ as a young teenager at Calvin Crest, a Christian camp in California, and have trusted Him as my Savior since that time. He’s been so good to me though my choices have not always been as He probably would have preferred.  My family has attended Gateway Church (Visalia CA) since 2002 and I am involved in a lot of different ministries there. I work as a project manager for a big bank's Corporate Properties Group and love my job. We have two adult sons (high school math teacher and bank portfolio manager) and two precious grandsons. Our daughter-in-law is a true blessing in our life and we love our growing family, busy life, and amazing friends.

I am not a travel agent but I do travel a lot. I’m a high energy, “let’s serve the world” kind of person and I love connecting & bringing people along on my adventures.  In 2017, my travel buddy, Adele, and I made a bucket list of places we wanted to travel to. Israel was on the list but we didn’t know how to “go” there or any groups that were going. We prayed about it and God told me to use the skills and gifts He had given me to plan a group tour for 50 people to the Holy Land. Though this was unfamiliar territory for me, we made it happen and took 50 people to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel in 2018. I’m working on the 4th year of Christian tours now and each one brings new people into my life and new revelations to them as they travel to the origins of our faith. Each year, we have amazing trips, make memories and friendships to cherish for a lifetime, and come home with renewed desire to serve Him and share the Gospel with a ready world.  How awesome is that?!? It is life changing...and it's a great ice breaker at work when people ask why I'm gone for a month and I  then get to share this ministry and what it means with them. 😊

For me personally, I will continue to take groups to the Holy Land as long as there are people called to go! It’s incredible to have seen this grow.  My church has been very supportive but does not “host” the tours. I travel on my own to Israel at least once a year to explore and plan for the next year's tours so we can keep them fresh.  For now, helping people experience transformation in the Holy Land is my travel and ministry priority.  My mission is to help everyone that God calls to go to the Holy Land and I pray for those "future" travelers every day.  Join us and experience God's goodness and His son's life for yourself.

If you're a church or group who needs help to get started on your planning, I would love to do so!

Blessings always,